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Lacy Racerback Push up Bra


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Cecilia J.
Size: 32AA
Fit: True to size
AA cup for real and front clasp

Love the size of the AA cup. I actually discovered this brand because it’s hard to find, especially with the front clasp (who likes the back ones on their spine!?)
My only complaint is that, since it’s a push-up shape, the space between the breasts is small and after wearing this bra for a whole day, I am no longer as comfortable as when I put it on in the morning.

Brigida Demers
Too small

Nice but should’ve ordered a size up tho

Itty bitty tittie club rejoice!

Honestly love this bra! I'm 26 and very... Very small breasted. Like there's room left in AA bras. I've bought so many bras in the last year it's ridiculous, could probably use the money I've spent on bras to afford the operation I desperately desire. Was weary about getting this one even though the reviews were promising. But I'm so glad I did! I got on AA 34 and if I do the "Swoop" they look so much Fuller and I almost have cleavage! Gonna buy a few more come pay day! Keep in mind you can't adjust the width around since it's a front closure so measure before buying

Lady Dae

Super Comfy!!!
Front clasp!!!
Cross back!!!
Looks nice!!!
Padding, not too much/little!!!
Keeps the girls in place!!!
Build quality!!!
Not $90/bra...?? (Only $19 for a 40D)

Wish there were smooth (not lace) versions and more colors...only downside if I had to nitpick...


Im a very small chested and Ive had two children- so the Breast arent nearly as perky as they used to be. Im a 32AA... usually its extremely hard to find this small size. I had to give this bra a go, especially at the low price. Up until this purchase every single bra Ive owned since Ive been 14 years old has been Victoria Secret (Im 35 in May) and Ill say this loud and clear VS is totally over rated! This bra is better feeling then the bras I buy at VS!! The material is soft, buttery smooth and so so comfy! Please if your thinking about it, do it! I cant imagine youll be disappointed. Not only does this fit my small chest nicely but I even have a little cleavage now!!! I love the front clasp too, its easy to use and looks great! Feels great!