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Padded Strapless Push Up Bra

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[[heart]]What makes it special?

Can you imagine how gorgeous when you have our ultimate push-up strapless? Adds 2 cup sizes for maximum cleavage and features non-slip sides. Day-to-night confidence, solved!


For AA to C cup, Please Order 1 Cup Size Down.

(e.g. 38C Get 38B)



  • Softer molded Padded cup for maximum lift and underwired underband gives added support, adds 2 cup sizes
  • No-slip sides and contour cups firmly stay in place while no silicone design provides great comfort
  • Strapless bandeau bras come with convertible and removable straps, five ways to wear including crisscross, halter, one-strap, strapless and traditional style
  • Deep plunging neck detailing with crisscross strap enhances your femininity
  • Smooth t-shirt bra is invisible under clothes or lace bra is sexy and cute

Family Safe Content

  • 76% Polyamide, 24% Spandex

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Customer Reviews

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Robin Johnson
Size: 32D
Fit: True to size
Flattering Support

This bra like several others that I have brought from Dobreva did not disappoint. It gave a good lift without a padded bra look. Very natural look, smoothe under clothing, great support.

trash bag
Finally! An equal competitor to the Bombshell!

You know that way your boobs sat during yesteryear, wearing a tight pressed tank top or dress braless. A very sloped sort of look from the side at the very top to middle, followed by the weight or majority of the fullness supporting your breast at the bottom. A bit pointy one might say. It's an entirely different shape to the half global, spherical, circular, whatever you want to call it, cup protrusion that is offered normally by padded pushup bras. While the padding on the inside is not equally distributed on the usual padded bra, the outside shape of the cup usually gives the illusion that it's evenly distributed. NOT so here.

As I was bumbling on about @ the start, it seems like the idea of this bra is to have a sort of hybrid shaping that is somewhere between trying to look like the average padded bra and the "madonna bra". It almost looks like it's made to replicate a dramatized no bra look. It still looks so obviously and wildly apparent I'm wearing a bra, but the shape is like a perkier, more puffed up "surgically enhanced" version of the natural sloping to resting breasts. I don't really care about what people think about me on the day to day (in regards to if someone can tell my natural size from enhanced because they WILL tell based on the shape alone), and plan on having breast augmentation in the future, so this was a fantastic middle ground to see if I would enjoy how implants might sit after they "drop".

Based on reviews, I sized up on both band and cup, and I myself am probably going to order again in my usual band size with sized up cup. Going strapless with upsized band does make it slip and slide quite a bit if I don't tighten it up to the smallest it can go. Consistency issues make it hard to tell without ordering multiples what is the best size to choose, these are inexpensive enough that I'm comfortable doing that. The padding is so heavily focused on the lower part of the breast, it's easy to have too much of yourself spilling out at the top, and this shape is simply not made for that to look good like it might for the more traditional push-up bras. So sizing is a crucial factor to how it will look and I'm sure would dramatically change if someone might enjoy this more so than standard shapes. Upsizing the cup for me made the fill just fine, no unfortunate-looking "muffin top" breast from the cusped top of the cup, and was still pushed up and supported enough to have sizeable cleavage. If you are wearing without straps and have the funds for it, it might be wise to do what I'm doing and order one accurately sized band, and one sized up band (along with sized up cup).
The material of the bra was far above satisfactory, I wasn't expecting it to feel so good based on what I'm used to paying for bras and how low cost this was. I'm going to be more delicate about washing as I don't want to press my luck.

Know what you're getting before you get it, if you are wanting a very specific uniform even shaping, you won't find it here. If you want a unique bra, where the fullness is mostly at the bottom and cup is thinner and pulls in more so at the top to create a slightly pointed look, well, you found a winner.

Stacy R
Comfortable, and stays up easily

I needed a nice strapless for an event and this one was perfect. Its comfortable, adds a couple sizes to help fill any gapping for us smaller busted. I wore this for over 10 hours and didnt need to pull, or adjust this once! Thats pretty impressive.

This is very padded

When I first recieved this bra I laughed. It gave me a boost of three cup sizes. Having lost a significant amount of weight I am a member of the itty bitty titty committee and proud ( I dont miss smacking myself im the face while running with my tatas) Cute and comfy. Thought id save for a vegas trip or an event wellllll..... This baby is doing me a solid. The neighbor woman called me a W.... ( U can fill in the blanks) for taking walks each evening to deal with the grief of losing a loved one. Game on baby. This bra has given me the "boost" I need and Is comfortable enough to work out in. Im thinking Karen ( sorry nice Karens) will regret her poor choice of words from now on. Tatas up and U get it girl

Mikee Inton-Campbell
Great push up bra.

One of the best push up bras I have ever tried. I usually go for the Wacoal padded push ups but they're very expensive. This one is a great cheap alternative. I wear a 38A which is hard to find, and I was so happy this came in my size. I got the 38AA and they fit perfectly. A little tight but what push up bra isn't tight? I've only worn them with the straps on, I tried going strapless but it feels way less secured. Not sure if I can go an entire evening strapless.