About Us – Dobreva


Mischievous, sexy, pretty and practical, but never boring.

Naughty, sexy, comfy and matchable, DOBREVA is a pragmatist in pursuit of beauty. Poineered an idea that bras are not container of chest under T-shirt, but a support for women to express happiest self, show most charming self, and maximize the effect of outer clothes.


We find that many women don't know how to choose a bra to adjust the shape of their girls or match a certain type of clothing in wardrobe, maybe it's also hard to find a satisfactory lingerie brand to meet these needs. With this regret and desire, DOBREVA is designed for women who were or are struggling with it - we paving the way with ergonomically comfortable materials and stuning-enough design.

• DOBREVA offer trend right, comfy and sexy intimate with matchable functionality that makes you feel good on the inside as well as outside •